Ruth González
UX Researcher

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“Don’t be too proud of this technological terror you’ve constructed unless you have tested it with people.”

Welcome to UserNotLuser, my online portfolio. I am a person with a deep passion for understanding how products impact people’s behavior and influences their habits.

I have led companies and teams through a wide range of design and product development initiatives in projects of diverse nature.

Also in my baggage

Balanced Researcher

Qualitative and quantitative research practitioner • Data driven researcher • Interviews • IA testing • Usability studies • A/B testing • Surveys • Analytics.

Experienced Manager

UX evangelist • User-centered culture promoter • Team mentor and supporter • Strategic vision • Roadmap and deliverable timeline planner.

Fail Fast Mindset

Lean UX practitioner • Experiment & Guerrilla • Rapid iterative testing • Agile prototyping and wireframing • Certified Professional Scrum with User Experience.

Technical Background

Former web developer • Engineering shared language • Technical constraints awareness • SQL experienced.

This is some of the work I’ve been involved with